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Sound Generation Board Makes The Tunes

[Mcjack123] has been getting into chiptunes lately and realized that his original interest started in 2018 when he used an Arduino to turn a TI-84 calculator into a sound machine. His latest iteration is a custom-designed soundboard and he takes us through the design and construction of it in a recent post.

The work models classic sound generators like the 2A03 or the Commodore 64 SID. You have a bunch of simple waveform generators along with filters and modulators to make various effects. These boards eventually gave way to FM synthesis devices like the Yamaha OPL2 and OPL3 chips. All

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Why Are Crypto Businesses Interested In Becoming Banks?

Will Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Replace Banking and Finance? |  Alexandria

The cryptocurrency business is racing to embrace regulation after years of criticising, resisting and avoiding it. In recent years, a rising number of cryptocurrency businesses have applied for national bank charters. The willingness of crypto businesses to become banks – previously criticised institutions of mainstream finance – may be perplexing to industry onlookers. However, it does make good business sense since many people are looking to find banking partners for crypto companies


A Business Decision

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Starliner enters orbit, en route to space station in first successful test

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft reached orbit May 19 on its way to dock with the International Space Station, completing a major step after two failed attempts. (Video: NASA)
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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft finally reached orbit Thursday on its way to docking with the International Space Station, completing a major step after two previous failed attempts that became part of the company’s many woes and a symbol of its fall from grace.

The spacecraft successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral at

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Swoop launches funding portal for accountants

Global fintech Swoop has additional to its Australian portfolio with the start of Advisor Portal, a system that supports accountants in supporting their purchasers come across finance.

Advisor Portal works by using Swoop’s solution-matching technological know-how to supply funding across the entire selection of solutions, from governing administration grants by means of to finance and fairness.

The British isles-primarily based founder and chief executive of Swoop, Andrea Reynolds, explained little firms regularly turned to accountants 1st when they essential far more funds and Advisor Portal was answering a require.

“Accountants are frequently the initially folks company proprietors inquire about funding,”

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Thursday May 19, 2022