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Senior Accountant, Tax Reporting

Occupation Description

Give ongoing mutual fund tax compliance, assessment and file federal and condition tax returns for sophisticated funds develop and keep an eye on fund tax procedures establish and watch dividend and money gains tax distribution requirements for intricate cash and goods. Present ongoing teaching and improvement of tax accountants.


• Supply ongoing mutual fund tax compliance, review and file federal and point out tax returns for intricate funds acquire and observe fund tax insurance policies and establish and monitor dividend and money gains tax distribution prerequisites for complicated resources and products.
• Work out tax adjustments and determine fiscal distributions to shareholders. Put together and data files all necessary tax returns and similar schedules with the IRS.
• Offer venture leadership with advert hoc requests and or jobs from inside of workforce, other departments, portfolio administrators and exterior auditors. Opportunity merger investigation, fund liquidations, launching of new goods, etc.
• Offer ongoing oversight on complicated mutual cash for tax compliance as a result of developing and managing interactions with inside and external business partners.
• Offer facts to portfolio supervisors for cash acquire tax management.
• Produce and keep an eye on fund tax policies and make alterations to approach and procedures.
• Provide management, coaching and instruction for tax accountants.

Required Skills

• Bachelors degree or equivalent.
• 3-5 years of working experience with a minimal of 3 a long time of mutual fund reporting, tax, or similar expertise.
• Powerful monetary, accounting and tax information and expertise.