ACCA – DipIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting)

Association of Certified Chartered is the largest international accounting organization with over 320,000 members in 160 countries. To date, ACCA is the only organization of professional accountants, which could develop and offer such qualification, taking into account (among other things) growing influence of economic globalization and growing trend of spread of IAS in the accounting world.

ACCA is one of the most prestigious international business qualifications in the world for professionals in business and finance. ACCA – DipIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting) is a new qualification, provided by ACCA. The main difference from all other ACCA programs is an opportunity to prepare for and pass the exam to receive training in native language (for the first time in hundred years of ACCA existence).

This qualification is designed for professional accountants and auditors working in companies or engaged in practice and having sufficient qualification in accordance with national accounting standards.

What does ACCA certificate gives you?

• ACCA certificate provides confirmation of your knowledge of accounting at the international level
• ACCA certificate offers an opportunity to work as an accountant for a foreign company and abroad

ACCA tasks and goals

The main ACCA objective is provision of accountants and people with higher education with relevant practical experience in their own country, actual course transformation, providing detailed practical knowledge of the major international financial reporting standards, their interpretation and practice.

After graduating from ACCA program, students must:

• understand and explain the structure of international professional and conceptual framework of accounting;
• apply appropriate accounting standards for key elements of accountability;
• know and be able to apply requirements for disclosure of information in financial statements and notes thereto;
• be able to prepare financial statements of individual companies and address key elements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and their interpretations;
• prepare financial statements (except for consolidated statements of cash flow), including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures;

Specialists who trained at IFRS and DipIFR courses pass rather difficult exam and receive ACCA DipIFR certificate, obtain a qualification of international professional accountant, which is very important for employment and is almost necessary for today’s career opportunities.
This is the most accessible both institutionally (you determine the schedule and pace of employment), as well as financially possible opportunity to obtain an international qualification of professional accountant and auditor.

The process of distance learning is quite comfortable and at the same time effective, as E-learning technologies can bring distance learning closer to all familiar full-time studies. Theoretical acquaintance with the material is supported by automated testing on each subject, teacher’s review of test results, problem-solving workshops, webinars and mock exams.

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