Accounting Jobs and BPO Jobs – Evergreen Career Options for The Youth

Searching for a job in the accounting domain is not a very easy task. Moreover, keeping the job is more difficult. Accounting Jobs are widely available in the job market. However, the candidates who aspire to work in this domain are required to take good training before actually applying for the jobs. The computer skills are essential for this domain. Gone are the days when every transaction of debits and credits was recorded manually in the log books. Now, in the modern times, various accounting software are available in the market to keep all the transactions up to date. Candidates are required to learn and achieve expertise in one of these software. Accounting Jobs are normally advertised with a specific software knowledge requirements and the desired level of expertise.

Generally, keeping account of the everyday cash receipts and purchases is a requirement of every large and small firm or organizations. Accounting Jobs are available in the CA firms, Industries, event management firms or educational institutions and other organizations. CA firms have many vacancies for managing the large accounts and taxing services. Vacancies keep on increasing as more and more number of people are taking guidance from Charted Accountants to mange their personal as well as professional accounts. Industries having manufacturing units also require a separate accounts section to keep track of purchases and sales of their goods. Event management firm is a comparatively new concept in the market, but these firms also require some sort of accounting help for the expenses. Accounting Jobs at educational institutions are created mainly to handle the fees collected and expenditure in terms of salaries, new constructions etc.

It has been observed that since last few years, multinational companies from other countries are investing in Indian market, due to which the job market is flooded with various opportunities. Especially, BPO Jobs are attracting youngsters as they do not require any special talent as such and the remuneration earned are also quite high. BPO means Business Process Outsourcing in which a company outsource some processes to the companies in other countries as the rates are quite affordable for them. Specific functions or operations in their business are given to other companies on contract basis. Some of the functions which generally come under BPO Jobs are as follows – HR (Human Resource), Accounting and finance, front office operations such as customer care and marketing. With so many areas open to grow in the BPO Jobs, it is sure that the future of these jobs in bright in India.

BPO industry is expected to grow larger with many countries showing interest to establish BPO Jobs in India. Major cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai are right now the most happening place in terms of wide availability of BPO Jobs. These cities already have call centers, customer service centers, voice based operations job centers from many famous multinational companies. Many youngsters have already got placements in these firms and are earning handsome amount every month. However, these kind of jobs require to work in shifts as support is required for 24 x 7. So, before applying for these jobs, one must make up his or her mind to ready to work in shifts.

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