Best Resume Format for B COM Fresher

Resume plays a vital role in getting you the job interview call. Then it is your skill to clear the personal interview and grab the desired job. When applying for the job, it is necessary to write a quality resume. Quality not only refers to the quality content in the resume but also the overall resume appearance. Resume format greatly helps in raising the quality of your resume. There are different resume formats those can be used for specific purposes. It is important for you to choose the best resume format when you are writing the resume for fresher candidate. Here are some tips for writing the B Com fresher resume and the importance of choosing the appropriate resume format for fresher.

Types of resume Format

Chronological Resume

In this resume format the details are listed in the reverse chronological order. This resume format mainly focuses on the skills of the applicant. It is used for listing the academics and work experience of the applicant. The most recent experience or educational qualification is listed first, followed by the next recent details. With this format the employer gets to know your level of expertise.

Functional Resume

Functional resume format is the one that mainly focuses on your skills rather than your experience. This format is most suitable for the people with changing careers or large gaps in their employment history.

Hybrid Resume

The hybrid format is the combination of chronological format and the functional format. In this resume format, skills are listed before your employment details. Reverse chronological order is followed while listing your employment details.

Resume Writing for B Com Fresher:

Fresher candidates do not possess any work experience to mention in his/her resume. Hence, it is important to focus on writing the skills while writing the B Com fresher resume. Chronological resume format is best suitable for writing the fresher resumes. This format focuses on the skills possessed by the candidate. Following is the order of the resume sections for the fresher applicant resume:

• Contact Information
• Career Objective
• Key Skills
• Educational Details
• Additional Certifications
• Experience
• Awards and Honors
• Personal Details

When you are writing the resume for the fresher, remember to list the skills after the career objective. Fresher candidate will not have job relevant work experiences to grab the attention of the employer. Hence, it is important to discuss the job related skills in detail. Going through this section, employer may find you suitable and aspiring for the position and he may short list you for the personal interview.

As you hold a commerce background, you must possess string accounting skills. These skills should essentially be reflected in your resume.

Educational details also have special place in the fresher resume. If you had extensive experience in any particular field, employer would not have focused on your academic details. But as you are fresher applicant, you should meet the necessary educational criterion to apply for the job. Your academics will decide your suitability for the job in the commerce field.

‘Additional certification’ section in the resume will list all your extra certifications, whether relevant or irrelevant to the applied position. In the fresher resume, you have the option to include all your skills, qualifications and certifications; no matter whether it is relevant to the prospective position or not. You don’t know the skills required for working in the position and the things exactly expected by the employer. Hence, it is good to include all your qualifications in your resume when you are fresher.

You can also list the awards received during your school and college in the awards section. But remember that when you are listing all these details maintain the length of the resume and do not let it exceed two pages.

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