Finances – A Matter Of The Heart

Many people who contact us want us to solve their problems right away. While we have the experience to help get folks pointed in the right direction, we cannot solve their problems for them. You see, financial difficulty is just a symptom of deeper issues.

Would you go to a doctor and have them simply place a sterile strip over an infected, gaping wound… and send you home? Isn’t the expectation for the doctor to determine the root cause of the problem, then take decisive action to treat the patient? To not do so is grounds for malpractice.

Finances should be thought of in the same way. How people use money (or abuse it) stems from what is in the heart. All of us have, through ignorance, made really stupid decisions concerning our money. That’s why we got into the situation we were in. What people choose to do at that point is the crucial factor. We recently had a question from a subscriber that went like this:

“My family income is not enough, so I find myself getting loans and credits that only make the situation worse. I need some serious way of increasing my income.” On purpose, we ask what the biggest need people have that they want our help with. This gives us a clue about their mindset. Overwhelmingly, the response to us is the perceived need for “having more income”. The truth is, very few people really need more income.

What is needed, to the contrary, is how to better handle what they already have. Listen, if the majority of people had more money, they would simply do a worse job of handling it. Look at those who have won the lottery, for example. How many of them have really handled that huge influx of money properly? No, statistics show that in a short time most of them divorce, go into bankruptcy, become drug abusers/alcoholics, or die untimely deaths. And this is something to aspire to? Sounds to me like money is not the issue here, folks.

No, the truth is people need to understand it is not how much they earn, but how much they keep. Our own book, “Radical Debt Elimination” was written to help the reader lay a strong foundation in life to ensure ongoing success. The information, either through our book or others, is out there. There is no lack of “how to” these days on almost any subject under the sun.

The really tragic thing to us is how many people really do not want to change. They want help, but don’t want to “give anything up”. If their lifestyle were so good (and worth fighting for) that they “just could not give it up”, why are they in financial trouble?

Neither we nor anyone else can help people if they don’t want help. What most are looking for is for someone to come and rescue them from their problems. All the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Himself cannot help people who do not want help. The good news is that once people reach out for help with a desire to “do whatever it takes” to change their direction, then help is readily available. It is truly a “matter of the heart”.

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