Foam Cutter Moves Like A Hot Knife Through Butter


Make ample makes an attempt to slice foam making use of whatsoever you have acquired — utility knife, hacksaw, serrated plastic knife — and you will would like challenging for a little something that cuts cleaner, speedier, and improved. Though there are all kinds of ways to develop a warm wire foam cutter, this style and design from [jasonwinfieldnz] is both of those fascinating and imitable.

If you don’t by now know it, nichrome wire is nifty stuff that is conveniently readily available in thrift store hair dryers and toasters. It stretches as it heats up, and shrinks as it cools again down.

The attention-grabbing element of this make is that as a substitute of using a spring to maintain tension on the nichrome wire, [jasonwinfieldnz] created and 3D-printed a bow out of PLA that does the career elegantly. Though [jason] was initially concerned that the bow may well potentially soften, he identified in observe that though the bow does get heat to the contact, it’s nowhere close to scorching ample to even warp.

A single good contact is the straightforward fence that rides along two slots and secures with wingnuts. We also like that [jason] made this foam cutter mostly from scrap material, and fairly than acquire a spool of nichrome, he opted for a skinny heating factor and pillaging the wire.

If you are a nichrome noob, know that it does not take substantially juice to do the job. Even while a laptop or computer electrical power provide is what [jason] experienced lying all around, it is comprehensive overkill, so you would definitely want to limit the existing. Look at out the make online video following the break.

However not transportable sufficient for you? All you genuinely require is a 18650, some nichrome, and a several bits and bobs to maintain it all with each other. out?v=Q5-bY5e8Mso


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