How to use stickers on Discord and add new one


Discord goes above and past when it arrives to its interactive visible components. From emojis that move to GIFs you can hide, there is hardly ever any scarcity of customizable reactions. Additional not long ago, they reintroduced stickers, which are static or animated alternatives to emojis and GIFs. If you’ve utilized Fb and Instagram just before, consider of these like Discord’s own edition of Fb stickers and Instagram tale stickers. Here’s how to use and insert stickers to Discord.

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Quick Response

To use stickers on Discord, you ought to click on the Stickers button in the base industry where you sort messages. This will open up a tray containing all of the stickers you can use.


What are Discord stickers?

Discord sticker example AA

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Stickers are considerably of an enigma. Though they exist likewise in sizing to GIFs, stickers are fundamentally just much larger Discord emojis that can not be included together with textual content.

Like emojis, custom made stickers can be static photographs or they can be animated. Consumers who are not subscribed to Discord Nitro can use a server’s personal stickers, but are unable to use stickers from outside the house of that server.

How to use stickers on Discord

Discord people typically use stickers to respond to messages or greet other people today in servers. Due to the fact of their bigger serious estate, they can be extra ornate and thorough than regular Discord emojis.


Open the Discord desktop consumer or go to the Discord site and log in. Uncover the Discord server or immediate concept thread the place you want to send the sticker, then click the Stickers button.

where to find stickers on discord desktop

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From the extended menu, track down the sticker that you want to use. If you are a Discord Nitro subscriber, you can use stickers from other servers.

click on the sticker from the list desktop

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Click the sticker you want to use. When you insert the sticker, it will exist on its personal message line, which means you simply cannot increase any textual content with it.

sticker added on own line

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Android and iOS

Open up the Discord application on your Android or iOS machine, then navigate to the server or direct information thread where by you want to deliver the sticker. Faucet the emoji button to open up the emoji tray.

press stickers button from emoji tray

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In the emoji tray, press the Stickers tab. Discover the sticker you want to use, then faucet it.

tap the sticker on mobile

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How to include stickers on Discord

If you want to add custom made stickers, you ought to do so by way of your server. Moreover, your server will have to be “boosted.”

uploading stickers on discord rules

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A server boosted to Level 1 (2 boosts) can add 15 custom stickers, a server boosted to Stage 2 (7 boosts) can add 30 customized stickers, and a server boosted to Stage 3 (14 boosts) can add up to 60 customized stickers. Server boosts value income, even though.


Open the Discord desktop shopper or go to the Discord website and log in. Go to your server and open up the dropdown menu by clicking the downwards arrow at the top.

click down arrow on server

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server settings location discord

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From the server menu, click Stickers.

stickers in settings location

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In the Stickers tab, if your server is boosted to at the very least Level 1, you can start out uploading custom made stickers. These can be up to 512kb in measurement.

stickers tab in settings

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Android and iOS

Even if your server is boosted to Amount 1 or bigger, you are not able to add customized stickers on the mobile app. Discord may insert the skill to do so in a upcoming app update.

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How do you get free Discord stickers?

If you be a part of a server that has been boosted and has customized stickers, you can use them even if you aren’t a paying out Discord Nitro subscriber. Nevertheless, if you want to use them in a further server, you should subscribe to Discord Nitro.

How do I include stickers to Discord mobile?

Uploading stickers is at the moment impossible on the cell application for Android and iOS. Discord may possibly increase this element in the upcoming.

Can Discord stickers be GIFs?

Stickers can be animated.


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