Money Leeches and the Easy Target

A Money Leech defines a leech as “a person who clings to another for personal gain, especially without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other’s resources; also known as a parasite.” A money leech attacks the financial resources of unknown victims by making them feel sorry for their situation. It is a cold calculated and manipulative act when a person is more concerned about what its victims can do for them, than what they can do for others. This sense of entitlement is what controls the leech’s’ relationship. They do not care about building valuable relationships with others, but more concerned about what other can do for them. This irrational belief system attacks how leeches communicate with friends and family, how often they communicate, and the rewards gained from making contact with them.

The characteristics of leeches span gender biases, ethnic groups and culture. We work with them, live with them, and are related to them. Leeches usually have poor financial management skills that affect their ability to keep monies in their pocket. They like the finer things in life and usually live above their means. A leech would do whatever it takes to maintain a specific lifestyle even if it risks depleting their personal finances and those of others. A leech would spend money on frivolous items before paying bills. They lack tact and are rarely embarrassed to ask people at work, family, friend, and even strangers for money. Leeches have creative stories they tell to attract the attention of others. The ultimate goal is to manipulate the conversation to convince the listener to open their wallets and contribute monies to the leech’s personal needs. When a leech takes advantage of an individual, they will continue to cling and feed off a person’s financial resources until they bleed them dry. Once the finances are exhausted, the leech moves onto its next victim.

The Easy Target

People tricked or con into believing that their financial help is needed are called targets. They are made to feel guilty if they are unable to make contributions to a leech financial situation. The target believes that they are helping someone in need and that divine spiritual intervention will reward them for helping others. This may be true depending on many religious opinions on the matter, but financial ignorance will eventually lead the target to an empty wallet. This lopsided relationship between the leech and the target is dysfunctional and creates an imbalance that can be infested with discord and guilt. The target feels that if they do not help the leech, then no one will. The leech becomes the financial ward of the target, hence reaping the benefits of the target’s hard earned money.

Reality Check

When a target supports the financial obligations of a leech, they are only training the leech to seek financial assistance whenever they want their bills paid. At first, the target is not aware of how financially draining and dependent the leech has become until it’s too late. If a target chooses to give to a leech, they are only encouraging the leech to depend on them to meet financial obligations. The target hampers the financial growth and maturity of the leech and trains them that their behaviors are acceptable.

Do you know someone who is a leech or a target? Is it OK to bleed someone of their hard earned money if you do not have the resources to pay your bills? Leave a comment and share your story.

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