My Personal Financial Coach & Why I Chose Bruce Lloyd Bradshaw

“Nine Notes on Wearing the Pants” Part III

My Personal Financial Coach is an unlikely choice in some ways, and I think, a brilliant choice in others. A Viet Nam War veteran who graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Western Wisconsin Technical College, Bruce has studied plenty of Life Lessons Learned in order to make his own way into the world of financial advising. After surviving two years, 9 months and 27 days of active duty with the US Army as a UH-1 Helicopter Crew Chief, he came back from Viet Nam and Thailand to build another life. His first marriage was a casualty of the war, and his career in engineering would also turn out to be full of landmines. He has survived a heart attack at 41 and the death of a child, a son, at 17.

He has seen a corporation to which he had given years of dedicated service and his retirement plan go bankrupt. Working for this corporation, he spent time in places such as Zambia, Liberia, Benin, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan, Germany, the UK and Switzerland. There are lessons to be learned from every culture, he believes.

He has owned a resort and a night-club and residential investment properties in the US. Because of these diverse experiences he understands a wide range of financial tools available. There are very few advisors in the world bringing the tools, knowledge, experience, and compassion together to help people reach their individual financial goals.

Bruce Bradshaw has personally experienced the ebb and flow of markets and the joys and traumas of investing in multiple asset classes. On account of all this, he became a professional financial advisor and founder of the Walworth Financial Group. He witnessed the death of too many hardworking employees’ dreams; has seen how life’s sudden enormous surprises can take people unprepared. He and his wife have the care of truly elderly ladies in their family. They have a strong and enduring marriage and five grandchildren. “My entire life I’ve been a mechanic at heart. I love to understand which tools to apply to a given situation. That’s what I do…I fix things or prevent them from breaking…with the right tools. And that’s what good financial planning means.”

He has refined a unique strategy to help his clients protect and grow their assets over specific timeframes and reap the benefits of highly probable investing.

A Personal Financial Coach is available to my readers across the country and around the world. While it may not be my Personal Financial Coach, there are others who share his code of ethics and perspective on client service.

The opportunity to “wear the pants” and take charge of your financial future is just around the electronic corner.

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