SME-Friendly HR Outsourcing Services

SME-Friendly HR Outsourcing Services

It’s a fact of business life that most small to medium businesses simply don’t have the space, financial resources or even the requirement for a large Human Resources function in-house. Most companies that employ staff members however will need HR support of some degree, and in these situations it can often make good sense to utilize the HR outsourcing services of an external provider such as a HR firm or consultant. If you find your company to be in a similar situation, read on to find out a little bit more about the SME-friendly HR outsourcing services your business could benefit from.

HR Management

HR Management is an all-round general HR service, which is of particular benefit to SME’s who have no HR expertise or function in-house. These types of services will be ideal for the small business owner who doesn’t have the time or knowledge to focus on HR activities, and they will typically involve setting up basic HR procedures and managing day-to-day HR functions and activities such HR admin. This type of service is often provided by a HR partner who will integrate themselves within your organisation.

HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy is a more specialist HR service, generally offered to SME’s who need help and assistance with a particular HR project or need more extensive support and advice on a one-off or as-needed basis. Consultancy services can be invaluable to SME’s that have a basic HR function, but need additional support such as employment law help or conflict/crisis management.

Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment services offered by HR providers are focused on the correct recruitment and retention of staff members. This type of service is of particular value to any SME that is expanding or looking to hire new staff members, and will typically involve assistance with candidate selection, reference checking, employee induction and disciplinary procedures.

HR Health Checks

HR Health Checks offered by experienced HR outsourcing providers are some of the most beneficial services to small businesses who are trying to ascertain just what their support needs and requirements are. These health checks can be carried out on any part of a current HR function, from payroll and employment law compliance to the general day to day HR administration policies and procedures. A health check that is carried out effectively can also form the basis of the more specific HR strategies that are often required in more challenging times.

Payroll and Pensions

Ensuring that staff members are paid properly and on time, and that they are receiving the benefits that they are entitled to needs to be a priority for a successful business or organisation. The payroll and pensions services offered by outsourcing providers will ensure that both of these functions are completed properly and in compliance with employment law regulations and procedures. Service providers will also ensure that PAYE and taxation is completed properly, to maintain a company’s own legality and transparency.

Performance Management

HR is not just about managing the administration and policies and procedures that go hand in hand with employing staff members, it’s also focused on managing and maximising the potential of the staff members themselves. Performance Management services offered by HR professionals and outsourcing companies will develop individual members of staff to theirs or a company’s specific requirements. Performance Management services can be utilised at any time, whether it’s helping a new employee settle in well or to help a current employee develop further in their current or future roles. Performance Management services can also be a particularly valuable and effective way to manage and improve underperforming employees by preventing any conflict of interest and ensuring that both their needs and your business’s are understood.

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