Why Should I Hire an Accountant For My Business?

Why Should I Hire an Accountant For My Business?

A lot of businesses go through bankruptcy and liquidation due to their improper accounting practices. An accountant plays an important role in an organization since money management is one of their key roles in addition to keeping proper accounting records for each and every activity. The reasons why a business needs an accountant are plenty and the following are some of them:

Accountants make sure that financial statements comply with the International Accepted Standards (IAS). Preparation and presentation of financial statements follows a number of accounting standards which are accepted worldwide. An accountant makes sure that these standards are adhered to while preparation and presentation of the financial statements is being done. This ensures that the figures that are presented in the financial statements give the accurate financial position of the business.

Controlling of funds usage is another task of the accountants in a business. Development of a system for internal control is the responsibility of the accountant. The system will prevent and control the embezzlement or misuse of money in a business. It gives the guidelines on how transactions are to be handled thereby locking out any avenue that might be used for funds misappropriation. Internal controls basically help businesses to achieve certain goals, objectives and tasks. Cash control systems are crucial controls that businesses need to develop. The accountant plays an important role in attainment of this undertaking.

The other important reason why a business needs an accountant is for taxation purposes. Tax planning permits the business to develop a plan for anticipated revenue in the years that follow. The plans may assist in the management of money in a way that maximizes the businesses tax benefits. The benefits of this include spending less time in taxation processes and using the spare time in concentrating on other income generating activities. Timely filing of tax returns also assists the business in avoidance of penalties on late payment which saves some money for the business. The business will also be able to avoid overpayment of tax which means that they will not have money that is tied in tax refunds.

Budgeting along with forecasting of business revenues is capable of being prepared properly by accountants. This is attributed to the actuality that the accountants have vast knowledge of operational costs as well as the flow of business revenues. The above processes of forecasting plus budgeting permit the businesses to formulate projections of revenues into the near future. These formulations can lend a hand to the business to institute its growth predictions in addition to planning for whichever anticipated disruptions that may occur in cash flows. This practice is usually founded on the concept of going concern which is part of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles that each and every accountant is required to follow in the accounting profession.

The discussion above shows that an accountant is important in any business since they make sure that cash flow is monitored closely. It is believed that the individual who has control over the money normally controls the whole business. It makes sense since profit maximization is the major goal of most businesses and this might be difficult to achieve without an accountant to control the funds. Consequently, successful businesses are those that have an accountant.

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